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The APQ Sales Assessment is a scientifically developed tool designed to offer deep insights into the aptitudes and personality traits of sales professionals. This comprehensive assessment provides a roadmap to understanding the innate strengths and areas for improvement within your sales team.

How It Works

  1. Assessment Process: Your team members will complete a 20-25 minute survey, uniquely designed to prevent "gaming" for desired answers.
  2. Trait Analysis: Responses are analyzed against nine key personality traits, providing a detailed profile for each individual.
  3. Comprehensive Reports: Utilize these insights to compare against ideal profiles for various sales roles, identifying the best fit for each team member.
  4. Actionable Strategies: Leverage detailed reports for targeted coaching, training, and development, helping your team to excel in their roles.

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Transform your sales team with the APQ Sales Assessment. Begin your journey to sales excellence and drive remarkable growth in your business.

Benefits for Your Sales Team

  • Scientific Approach: Based on the latest personality studies and over 1 million completed assessments, ensuring reliable and valid results.
  • Enhanced Hiring: Streamline your hiring process with assessments tailored for sales roles, equipped with recommended interview questions.
  • Team Development: Instantly receive specific actions to uplift your existing team, backed by decades of sales coaching research.
  • Increased Sales Performance: Experience a tangible impact on your sales figures through improved team composition and targeted coaching.

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