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The Visionaries Behind Coach.Win 

When two seasoned entrepreneurs, passionate about fostering growth and innovation, joined forces, an extraordinary vision took shape. Friends and colleagues for over 15 years, John Lund and Rob Simons shared a love for entrepreneurship and golf. Together, they created Coach.Win, a comprehensive platform designed to empower leading business coaches, simplify client management, and unlock new revenue streams. 

 John Lund, a dynamic entrepreneur and strategic thinker, has built an impressive career with a personal mission to "Create Conversation, Inspire Growth." As the CEO of OFFWIRE Inc. for 19 years, John led the company to remarkable success, earning recognition as one of Omaha's fastest-growing businesses and appearing on the INC 5000 list of fastest-growing companies three times. A dedicated advocate for entrepreneurship, John has held numerous leadership roles within the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), a global network that supports over 15,000 members in 140+ chapters worldwide. 

  Rob Simons, on the other hand, brings a unique blend of coaching, facilitation, and storytelling skills to the table. As a lifelong entrepreneur, Rob understands the need for focus, confidence, and courage to achieve a business leader's vision. His commitment to helping people see the essential aspects they may have missed or cannot recognize is at the heart of his core purpose. Rob's extensive experience includes founding PixelWorks Corporation and Toolbox Studios, Inc. Since selling Toolbox Studios in 2015, Rob has focused exclusively on coaching other entrepreneurs. 

With the birth of Coach.Win, John and Rob have combined their strengths and expertise to elevate the field of business coaching. The platform offers an array of resources, including back-office automation, peer-to-peer connections, additional revenue streams, and in-person events. By leveraging the MS 365 Platform, providing coaching platform agnostic solutions, and offering a support team and common set of tools, Coach.Win sets itself apart from competitors. 

 Together, John and Rob have already guided more than 50 companies, and Coach.Win is well on its way to achieving its ambitious goal of working with 23 leading business coaches. Each of these leading coaches will bring their unique DNA to enhance the team, creating an unparalleled network of expertise and support. 

 John Lund's passion for entrepreneurship and Rob Simons' unique skillset make them a formidable duo in the business world. Their dedication to fostering growth and collaboration through Coach.Win is a testament to their unwavering belief in the power of conversation and inspiration. 

Our Core Values

At the heart of Coach.Win lies a set of Core Values that guide our every action and decision. We believe in the power to"Learn and Share", constantly seeking new knowledge and generously passing it on to others. Our team is driven by a "High Motor," relentlessly pursuing excellence and growth. We strive to "Build Lasting Relationships," creating meaningful connections with our clients and partners. As "Net Givers," we prioritize adding value and contributing to the success of others. "Trust and Respect" are the cornerstones of our work, fostering an environment of open communication and collaboration. These Core Values shape the Coach.Win experience and our commitment to empowering business coaches and their clients. 


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Rob Simons

Empowering Business Leaders through Coaching, Facilitation, and Storytelling 

Rob Simons, Co-founder of Coach.Win alongside John Lund, is a lifelong entrepreneur with a unique blend of coaching, facilitation, and storytelling skills.Rob's unique skillset and commitment to empowering business leaders have made him a highly sought-after coach and speaker in the entrepreneurial world. His dedication to transforming teams is a testament to his unwavering belief in the power of personal and professional growth. 

John Lund LinkedIn Photo

John Lund

Elevating Business Coaches and Inspiring Growth  

John Lund is a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for fostering growth and innovation. As the Co-founder of Coach.Win with partner Rob Simons, John has devoted himself to creating an environment that empowers leading business coaches, helping them connect and thrive. With a personal mission to "Create Conversation, Inspire Growth," John has established an impressive track record in strategy planning and sales strategy planning.