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Leadership Coaching

Senior Leadership Development


(6) 60 min Group Sessions + (4 ) One-on-One Individual sessions

  • 5+ yrs min leadership experience, Directly leading people with a team of 4+. $100k+ annual comp.
  • 6 to 8 People Max in a Virtual Group
  • 1st One-on-One reviewing 360 Feedback
  • 3 additional One-on-One sessions focused around actionable form 360 Feedback
"Mighty Middle" Development - Supervisors/Managers
(6) 90 minute Group Sessions
  • 2+ yrs leadership experience, Directly leading people with a team of 3+
  • 10-12 Leaders per session
  • Pre-work / Post-work tying back to prior workshop for accountability
  • Topics included:  Leaders vs Managers, Time Management, Accountability, Self-Awareness, Providing Feedback & Creating a Culture of Coaching, Communication & KPI Execution
Empower the Integrator - Coaching & Implementation
(12) 1 hour Sessions
  • Personalized sessions to addresses Integrator challenges
  • Customized resources and ongoing adoption of an integrator into your operating system
  • Foster CEO-Integrator collaboration, and seamlessly integrate into company culture
  • Regular check-ins and progress assessments to ensure  Integrator drives efficiency and scalability for sustained organizational success

Suzanne Combs-Brown

As an accomplished and certified Executive Coach with over two decades of experience in leadership development, talent management, and culture shaping. With a track record of driving results and fostering personal and professional growth, Suzanne is committed to helping clients unlock their potential, align their strengths with goals, and drive success in their career and professional life. 
Shellie Schultz

Shellie Schultz

Offering tailored consulting services aimed at addressing critical challenges hindering your business growth and unleashing its full potential. From strategic guidance to emotional intelligence development, Shellie provides actionable advice and targeted skill development to enhance leadership, team dynamics, and overall performance.


“I highly recommend Suzanne to a future employer, particularly large multinational organizations. As a natural driver, I have watched and admired Suzanne lead many complex projects and I was pleased to be part of her company."
Sam Longhi, CS Director at PayPal EMEA
“I ve had the amazing opportunity to experience Shellie's professional coaching over the last several years. Her approach and method have been key components within my evolving growth as a strong leader. Shellie's mind for balancing strategy across business and personnel is unparalleled."