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Elevate Your Leaders With Coach 360

A transformative leadership assessment with qualitative and quantitative 360 feedback.

To Grow Your Company, You Must Grow Your People


Unlock Leadership Potential
with Coach 360

Dive deep with a holistic leadership assessment, capturing insights from peers, direct reports, and supervisors. Contrast with a self-review. Our unique two-pronged approach hones in on execution and people-centric skills, ensuring well-rounded leaders for your business.

This holistic approach not only uncovers blind spots but also heightens self-awareness, enabling leaders to refine their strategies, enhance interpersonal relationships, and drive positive organizational change. Embracing such comprehensive feedback is the hallmark of leaders committed to continuous growth, fostering a culture of transparency, and achieving excellence in both execution and people management.

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10 Reasons Coach 360 Will Impact Your Company

  1. Holistic Insight: Gain a well-rounded view of a leader's performance from all angles – peers, direct reports, and supervisors. Discover strengths and growth areas that may otherwise remain unnoticed.
  2. Enhanced Self-Awareness: Leaders receive a mirror to their leadership style, helping them understand their impact and areas of improvement by contrasting others' feedback with their self-assessment.
  3. Promote Open Communication: Foster a culture of transparency and open dialogue, encouraging team members at all levels to voice their insights and perspectives.
  4. Targeted Development Plans: With comprehensive feedback, craft bespoke development strategies for leaders, ensuring they harness their strengths and address their unique challenges.
  5. Boost Team Morale: When leaders grow and adapt based on feedback, teams feel more valued, leading to increased engagement and loyalty.
  6. Drive Business Results: Well-assessed and developed leaders are better equipped to navigate challenges, motivate their teams, and achieve organizational goals.
  7. Strengthen Leadership Pipelines: By identifying potential future leaders early on and giving them the tools they need to succeed, you're ensuring a robust leadership succession for your organization.
  8. Increase Accountability: Leaders become more accountable when they understand how their actions are perceived by those around them, driving them to uphold higher standards.
  9. Empower Decision Making: Armed with diverse feedback, leaders can make informed decisions that resonate with their teams and align with organizational objectives.
  10. Build a Cohesive Work Culture: As leaders adapt and grow based on feedback, they contribute to building a more inclusive and harmonious work environment.
Leader at a Desk

Clear Alignment and Transparency with Coach 360

Coach 360 Comparison Chart

Focus on Execution and People Leadership Skills

The Coach 360 assesses quantitatively and qualitatively the following leadership skills:

  • Communication

    How effectively does the leader establish and communicate clear goals and objectives?

  • Decision-Making

    How does the leader approach problem-solving and decision-making?

  • Resource Management

    How well does the leader manage resources (time, budget, manpower)?

  • Risk Management

    How well does the leader handle risks and uncertainties?

  • Innovation

    How effectively does the leader drive innovation within the team/organization?

  • Motivation

    How well does the leader inspire and motivate the team?

  • Coaching & Feedback

    How effectively does the leader provide feedback and development opportunities to team members?

  • Relationship Builder

    How well does the leader build relationships and foster a collaborative environment?

  • Emotional Intelligence

    How effectively does the leader demonstrate emotional intelligence?

  • Accountability

    How does the leader handle accountability and responsibility for the team's actions and results?

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