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Building Accountability with OKRs
Viva Goals - Your 1st OKR

OKR Superpowers for Business

  • Focus: Encourages setting 3-5 significant goals per quarter, concentrating on the most crucial work.
  • Alignment: Ensures all company goals are synchronized, from top management to individual contributors.
  • Tracking: Utilizes data to inform actions and strategic decisions.
  • Transparency: Allows visibility of goals and progress at all organizational levels.
  • Stretch Goals: Promotes setting ambitious goals to foster learning and innovation.


Mastering OKRs: A Strategic Framework for Business Growth

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) represent a proven framework for goal setting that aligns and focuses your organization to drive effective outcomes. By shifting the focus from day-to-day output to impactful outcomes, OKRs foster a highly productive and engaged work culture, conducive to achieving your business goals.

Core Components of OKRs

  • Objectives: Define what you and your team aim to accomplish. This is your vision of success at both the organizational and team levels.
  • Key Results: Describe how you'll measure success in accomplishing these goals. They provide quantifiable benchmarks for evaluating progress.
  • Initiatives: Focused efforts that drive the achievement of your key results.

The OKR Impact Across Roles

  • For Executives: Provides visibility, enhances collaboration, and aligns daily work with organizational goals.
  • For Team Managers: Sharpens focus, improves meeting efficiency, and clarifies accountability.
  • For Individual Contributors: Offers clarity on priorities, enhances autonomy, and aligns their work with team objectives.

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