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Robert Simons

Rob Simons: Empowering Business Leaders through Coaching, Facilitation, and Storytelling

Rob's entrepreneurial journey began in 1989 after graduating from Auburn University with an Economics degree. He founded PixelWorks Corporation in 1993 to serve the interactive advertising industry and later established Toolbox Studios, Inc. in 1996. After receiving hundreds of awards for his creative work, Rob sold Toolbox Studios in 2015 to focus exclusively on coaching other entrepreneurs. 

Rob actively participates in the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), a worldwide network supporting over 15,000 members across 140+ chapters. He has taken on various leadership roles within the organization, such as Chapter President, Area Director, Regional Director, Strategic Summit Facilitator, Global Membership Director, Accelerator Facilitator, and Global Chapter Development Chairman. 

Throughout his career, Rob has coached hundreds of organizations across diverse industries, providing valuable insights and dynamic, engaging presentations on topics like the Art of Coaching with One-on-One Meetings, Artificial Intelligence, Improving Communication Skills, Effective Meeting Rhythms, Rockefeller Habits, and Greg Crabtree's "Simple Numbers" toolset. 

Rob's expertise extends to working with Private Equity firms and their Portfolio Companies, where he has demonstrated a keen understanding of their unique needs. He has collaborated with numerous Private Equity firms to help build highly-effective leadership teams, craft long-term strategic plans in line with the PE firm's thesis, and create a culture of accountability, purpose, and alignment. Rob's experience in this area has equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary to support the development of Portfolio Companies and ensure their success in meeting the objectives set by their Private Equity investors.

Rob Simons' unique skillset and commitment to empowering business leaders have made him a highly sought-after coach and speaker in the entrepreneurial world. His dedication to transforming teams through coaching, facilitation, and storytelling is a testament to his unwavering belief in the power of personal and professional growth.