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Strategy Planning Head Coaches

Robert Simons - Side Portrait MIA_9003 PRIMARY

Rob Simons - Simons.Coach

Coaching, Facilitation, and Storytelling

Rob Simons, Owner of Simons.Coach and Co-founder of Coach.Win has been coaching since 2013 and has facilitated more than 1,000 strategy sessions.

He is a lifelong entrepreneur with a unique blend of coaching, facilitation, and storytelling skills. Rob's unique skillset and commitment to empowering business leaders have made him a highly sought-after coach and speaker in the entrepreneurial world.

His dedication to transforming teams is a testament to his unwavering belief in the power of personal and professional growth.

John Lund LinkedIn Photo

John Lund - Entresmart

Create Conversation, Inspire Growth  

John Lund is a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for fostering growth and innovation and has facilitated 750+ strategy sessions.

John has been coaching since 2014, and is the Owner of Entresmart and Co-founder of Coach.Win.  John has devoted himself to creating an environment that empowers Executive Teams to connect and thrive. With a personal mission to "Create Conversation, Inspire Growth," John has established an impressive track record in strategy planning and sales strategy planning.